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Troubleshooting in Gateway Management CockpitLocate this document in the navigation structure

The Troubleshooting tab provides access to monitoring and error data.


The example below which uses TEA_TEST_APPLICATION service explains how to use Gateway Management Cockpit for troubleshooting.
Note If you cannot analyze or solve the error, create a message in the Customer Service System (CSS) and append the error log.

To get the back-end error information, register ERROR_LOG_SRV service in the Gateway Management Cockpit.


  1. Skip to step 2 if you already have an error, otherwise, to simulate an error:
    1. In Gateway Management Cockpit, create a destination.
    2. Register the TEA_TEST_APPLICATION service.
      Note To register services successfully, and to receive back-end error information, you must assign the correct destination for the services you register. See Creating a Destination on Gateway Management Cockpit
  2. To troubleshoot:
    1. Open the service document of the TEA_TEST_APPLICATION service.
    2. Navigate to the ErrorCases and enter an URL for a single error case to simulate an exception. For example, /odata/IWBEP/TEA_TEST_APPLICATION;v=1/ErrorCases('BUSI')
    3. On the Troubleshooting tab, choose Select Logs.
    4. Click a Time stamp field to open the error details.
    5. Choose the DETAILS tab for an overview of the error details.
    6. Select the STACKTRACE tab for the Java error stacktrace.
    7. Choose the BACKEND ERROR LOG tab for the error log information of the back-end system. If there is no error in the back-end but only in the Java stack, BACKEND ERROR LOG is not displayed.
    8. To see the error content information, select a LOGHEADER row.
    9. Copy the Transaction ID.
    10. Log in to your back-end system and use transaction /IWBEP/ERROR_LOG to open the back-end error log.
    11. Filter for the copied Transaction ID.
    12. Double-click the Transaction ID to display the Error Context section.
    13. Click Call Stack to display the Call Stack screen.
    14. From the Call Stack screen, you can navigate to the source code and set a breakpoint to see what went wrong.