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Integration Gateway is an OSGi service that runs within SAP® Mobile Platform Server, to provide the ability to run mobile applications that connect to various SAP and non-SAP (OData and non-OData) datasources.

Integration Gateway allows you to connect to different back ends, fetch data at runtime, and expose that data as an OData service using:

  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  • Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  • OData Channel (ODC)

You can use the OData services exposed by Integration Gateway to develop mobile applications that use customer data and business information from various datasources. The application may combine data from these sources (Web services, JDBC content, JPA models, and so on), executing processes that cross enterprise system boundaries.

Integration Gateway consists of:
  • a runtime environment for connecting to datasources and fetching runtime data
  • Gateway Management Cockpit - a Web-based central user interface used to manage services exposed within SAP Mobile Platform.

The API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform is a service provisioning toolkit that you can use in conjunction with Integration Gateway. The API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform is a Gateway Productivity Accelerator plugin for Eclipse. It allows you to expose OData services based on database tables by mapping an OData model definition to the corresponding tables. Using the API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform, you can enable data models as OData services by defining an OData model to match the table properties, then binding the OData model to a datasource (e.g., SOAP, JPA, JDBC, or ODC). The resulting OData services can then be consumed by SAP Mobile Platform clients.