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The Enterprise Sales and Procurement Model (ESPM) is a simple business model scenario for developing a retail business, included in the SAP Mobile Platform Server installation. It is based on the Enterprise Procurement Model (EPM). In this scenario, the datasource is a JPA model for ESPM Java.



  • Access to Gateway Management Cockpit for managing the services.
  • A security profile for the namespace 'sap'. See Creating a Security Profile in of the navigation path SAP Mobile Platform 3.0  Next navigation step  Administrator Next navigation step  Application Administrator Next navigation step  Creating a Security Profile End of the navigation path.


  1. Log in to Gateway Management Cockpit, you should see ESPMSERVICE under Registered Services.
  2. Configure the JPA destination for the ESPM service:
    1. Select the DESTINATIONS tab.
    2. Click New Destination and enter:
      Field Description
      <Destination Name> A destination name of your choice for Espmservice, for example, ESPMDestination
      <Destination Type> JPA
      <Presistence Unit>
    3. Click Save.
  3. Assign the destination ESPMDestination for the service or for entity sets. See Assigning and Removing OData Service Destinations.
  4. Activate the ESPMSERVICE service:
    1. Go to the SERVICES tab, and verify that ESPMDestination is the default destination for ESPMSERVICE.
    2. Select the ESPMSERVICE row and click Activate/Deactivate to activate the ESPMSERVICE.