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Registering an SAP Service on Gateway Management CockpitLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can use Gateway Management Cockpit to register SAP services.


Note If you have deployed the component IW_BEP 200 SP06 or lesser in the SAP backend, you need to implement the SAP note 1816779. IW_BEP 200 component is required to enable SAP services as OData services on IGW.


  1. To create a destination for the SAP service:
    1. Log in to Gateway Management Cockpit.
    2. On the DESTINATIONS tab, click New Destination.
    3. Enter the following in the New Destination screen.
      Field Description
      <Destination Name> Enter a name for the destination. For example, Test.
      <Destination Type> Select HTTP.
      <Destination URL> Enter the URL of the SAP back-end system where service implementations are located.

      The generic URL is https://<hostname>:<port>/sap/iwbep?sap-client=<client number>

      where hostname, port and client number are system dependent.
      To get the destination URL:
      1. Log in to SAP back-end system.
      2. In transaction SICF, choose Execute (F8) to display the service tree hierarchy.
      3. Expand the default host and navigate to the node IWBEP (Start of the navigation path default_host Next navigation step  sap Next navigation step  iwbep End of the navigation path).
      4. In the context menu of the iwbep node, choose Test Service, click Allow. The URL in the address bar of the browser is the destination URL.
      <Authentication Type> Select one of:
      • No Authentication; if no authentication is required to access the SAP system.
      • Basic Authentication; if a user name and password is required to access the SAP system.
      • Client Certificate; if client certificate is enabled on the SAP system.
      • CSI Authentication; if the outgoing call to the destination will use the same authentication mechanism as the incoming request to SAP Mobile Platform.
    4. Choose Save.
  2. To register and activate an SAP service:
    1. Log in to Gateway Management Cockpit.
    2. On the SERVICES tab, click Register Service.
    3. Choose a destination from the Select a Destination list.
    4. Enter the service name, or a key word in the Search field to search for SAP services.
    5. Select the service you want to register and click Register.