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Developing with MAF Logon for AndroidLocate this document in the navigation structure

MAF logon components include MAF Logon UI and MAF Logon Manager, and support user onboarding.

Use MAF logon components to:
  • Create user-initiated registration requests to a specified security infrastructure.
  • Lock and unlock the secure store to protect sensitive information.
  • Change secure store and back-end passwords to enhance security in an enterprise environment.
  • Implement various customization options.

MAF Logon UI presents logon screens on the device, providing easy integration for applications that use default logon UI behavior. MAF Logon Manager constructs UI contexts (which are, in turn, presented to the Logon UI) and executes logon operations. The Logon UI constructs a dynamic UI from the context elements presented by Logon Manager. Thus, MAF Logon Manager handles all UI-related configurations.