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The SAP Fiori Client is a native mobile application runtime container for SAP Fiori. The SAP Fiori Client overcomes limitations in the mobile browser by providing a reliable asset caching mechanism for SAP Fiori, and also provides device APIs (such as camera and barcode scanner) to Fiori web applications.

The SAP Fiori Client is designed around Apache Cordova architecture where device API and custom functionality is added through a Cordova plugin. The SAP Fiori Client is a customized Apache Cordova application with the Fiori content running online in the application’s web view (a component for rendering web content within a native application). You can customize the SAP Fiori Client, for example, by changing the application icon or application title, adding support for custom authentication schemes, or adding additional Cordova plugins. Beginning with SAP Mobile Platform SDK SP04, the capabilities of the SAP Fiori Client are provided through the Kapsel SDK as plugins for the Apache Cordova framework. This approach allows you to build your own version of the SAP Fiori Client and more easily customize it as needed for your environment.

Note To support X.509 mutual authentication with the SAP Fiori Client, the SAP Mobile Platform Server, release 3.0 SP03 PL02 or higher, is required.

To create an instance of the SAP Fiori Client, you need to manually create a new Cordova project, add Cordova and Kapsel plugins to the project and copy over web content into the new project. To simplify the process, the SDK release includes a node.js script that you can use to create the SAP Fiori Client application project using the Kapsel plugins. This section provides information on how to utilize the script in your environment.

SAP Fiori Client in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

A non-customizable version of the SAP Fiori Client continues to be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for download to compatible mobile devices.