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Adding Reverse Proxies or Relay ServersLocate this document in the navigation structure

Once the installation of SAP Mobile Platform is complete, you can install and configure a reverse proxy for it, or you can configure an existing Relay Server installation to work with it..


For third-party reverse proxy solutions, SAP supports:
  • Apache reverse proxy for Native and Hybrid applications
  • nginx for Agentry applications
When adding a reverse proxy, determine the application types you need to support.
Application Type Reverse Proxy
Native Apache
Hybrid Apache
Agentry Nginx
For a complete list of supported reverse proxies, see the SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM) published on SAP site. Click the Mobile link at the top of the page. Scroll to find the appropriate product and version in the product list.
Note Access to PAM requires an SAP Service Marketplace login. Register for an SAP Service Marketplace login here published on SAP site