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Verifying the InstallationLocate this document in the navigation structure

After you complete the installation, verify that the installation is successful.


  1. Use a text editor to open the SMPSDKInstall<date-time>.log file from the <SMP_HOME>\InstallLogs directory.

    By default, SAP Mobile Platform SDK components are installed in the C:\SAP\MobileSDK<XXX> directory. In this guide, <SDK_HOME> represents the SAP Mobile Platform SDK installation directory, down to the MobileSDK<XXX> folder.

  2. Search for "error"—no search results indicates that the installation completed successfully.
  3. To verify an MBO Toolkit installation, start up Eclipse tooling and make sure it works.

Next Steps

Use the Upgrade: SAP Mobile Platform SDK for Windows for the support package to upgrade your SAP Mobile Platform SDK installation.