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SAP Mobile Platform device users can access and modify enterprise data when disconnected from their corporate network. The device users can easily retrieve and modify the data when a connection is re-established. The OData offline APIs are used to seamlessly cache data and merge the delta updates.

Offline OData Overview

OData Offline overview

Offline OData provides the following features:

  • No state in middle tier – allows for scalability to large number of users.
  • Request-response based – a simple programming model helps in predicting the load on the backend.
  • OData is the programming model – helps in unifying disparate back-ends.
  • OData delta supported – a standard way for representing back end changes and exposing them to clients.
  • Client libraries provide a secure document cache – useful for data protection.
OData Cache

The OData Cache is used to store service documents, metadata documents, and entities.

Delta Query Support

Delta Queries return a list of entities that have changed since you last queried the collection. So whatever has been created, updated and deleted since your last visit, these changes can then be merged into your local result set. SAP NetWeaver Gateway SP07 supports Delta Queries. Delta Queries work with the Cache object.