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Preparing for InstallationLocate this document in the navigation structure

Ensure that the host on which you are installing SAP Mobile Platform SDK meets the system requirements and is ready for you to begin the installation.


  1. Verify that the target system meets the system requirements for SAP Mobile Platform SDK.
  2. If User Account Control (UAC) is present in the version of Windows where you are installing, disable it. Restart the system for this change to take effect.
    1. Access the Control Panel option that manages User Account Control on your version of Windows.
    2. Set the user account to never be notified about changes to your computer.
    Reenable UAC after completing this installation.
  3. Verify that you have Administrator privileges on the installation target host.
  4. Remove the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable.
    Check for JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS in both User Variables and System Variables panes of the Environment Variables dialog.
    1. Right-click My Computer and select Properties.
    2. Select Advanced System Settings.
    3. Click the Advanced tab.
    4. Click Environment Variables.
    5. Select JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS and click Delete.
    6. Click OK to exit all dialogs.
  5. If there is an earlier version of SAP Mobile Platform SDK installed on the same computer where you are installing this version, back up any workspace directories that were used by SAP Mobile WorkSpace.
  6. Verify that the target host has Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Runtime 2005 installed.
    You can install this from the \modules\redist\vcruntime2005 folder in the installer image.