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SAP Mobile Platform SDK includes the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel), a set of SAP plugins for the open-source Apache Cordova framework.

Cordova is a flexible, open framework featuring a set of APIs that allow you to develop hybrid applications across multiple device platforms. Cordova's open architecture includes a node-based command line interface that lets you manage a single project that works across multiple device platforms. By adding the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) plugins to a Cordova application, the application gains several enterprise application features as well as an awareness of SAP Mobile Platform Server. The Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) extends the Cordova container through a standard plugin interface defined by the Cordova development team.

Support for Apache Cordova 5.4.1

For SP11, there is added support for Apache Cordova 5.4.1, which SAP recommends using when developing Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) applications.

CLI Packager for SAP Fiori Apps

The CLI packager now supports front-end server (FES) systems with apps built prior to the SAP UI5 1.30 release (that is, apps with no manifest files). It also supports FES systems with SAP UI5 1.28 libraries.

See CLI Packager for SAP Fiori Apps.

Updated Windows Support for the Attachment Viewer Plugin

The Attachment Viewer plugin is now supported on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows 10. The Attachment Viewer handles how the application views an attachment.

See Attachment Viewer Plugin.

Updated Windows 10 Support for the Application Preferences Plugin

The Application Preferences plugin is now supported on Windows 10. The plugin helps you handle application preferences by providing a settings page.

See Application Preferences Plugin.

Updated Windows 10 Support for the Toolbar Plugin

The Toolbar plugin is now supported on Windows 10. The Toolbar plugin adds a hideable toolbar capability to an application.

See Creating an Application on Windows.

Windows Support for the Usage Plugin

In addition to Android and iOS, the Usage plugin is now supported on Windows.

See Usage Plugin.

Windows Support for the Encrypted Storage Plugin

In addition to Android and iOS, the Encrypted Storage plugin is now supported on Windows.

See Encrypted Storage Plugin.

Commands for the AppUpdate Plugin

Using the Cordova command line interface (CLI), you can now execute commands to perform tasks such as checking an app version status, uploading new app versions to the SAP Mobile Platform Server, removing or promoting pending app versions, and staging or unstaging app revisions. AppUdate is not supported on Windows platforms in this release.

See AppUpdate Plugin.

Updated credential storage for AuthProxy Plugin

For basic authentication requests, correct credentials are saved in the Logon Plugin datavault. These credentials are automatically used in future registration challenges.

See AuthProxy Plugin.

Enhanced Security for the InAppBrowser Plugin
To enhance the security of your data on-device, the Privacy Screen plugin has been integrated into the customized Kapsel InAppBrowser plugin included in the SDK. When viewing content using the InAppBrowser, the Privacy Screen plugin greys out the most recent page displayed by the app switcher.

See InAppBrowser Plugin.

Mobile Packager Extension for Visual Studio

The SAP Mobile Packager extension makes Microsoft Visual Studio a central place to develop custom Fiori mobile applications.

See Visual Studio Packager Extension for SAP Fiori Apps.

SAP Fiori Client Template for Microsoft Visual Studio

You can now create custom SAP Fiori client applications in Microsoft Visual Studio using SAP Fiori client template for Android and iOS platforms.

See Creating Custom SAP Fiori Client Using Visual Studio.

Updated Kapsel plugins for Android 6.0

Beginning in Android 6.X (Marshmallow), Android changed how applications request and use permissions on the device. Most Kapsel plugins have been fully integrated with this new approach for requesting permissions. See Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) Plugins.

The following plugins have not been fully integrated with this new approach for requesting permissions and require manual configuration from the device user.
  • Attachment Viewer plugin

  • AuthProxy plugin

  • Barcode Scanner plugin

  • Cache Manager plugin

  • Calendar plugin

  • Push plugin

  • Voice Recording plugin

See SAP Note 2269432 - Issues with Android Kapsel Apps on Marshmallow (Android 6.0) Devices Information published on SAP site.
Enhanced Print Capabilities for the Printer Plugin
You can now print documents in two ways:
  • AttachmentViewer plugin – print a document opened with the AttachmentViewer using the InAppBrowser.
  • Background printing – print a document without the AttachmentViewer or the InAppBrowser. The content does not appear in a webview, and no preview is available prior to printing.
To use the Printer plugin, mobile devices need to be running one of the following operating systems:
  • iOS 5.0 or higher.
  • Android 4.4 or higher.
  • Windows 8.1, 10.
  • Windows Phone 10.

There are some platform-specific limitations when using the plugin. For a complete list, consult the table in Printer Plugin.

Enhanced Log Supportability

For Android and iOS platforms, you can now select log destination (between file system and console) in the Kapsel Plugin layer, and also, view OData library logs to debug errors.