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Restarting an Agentry ApplicationLocate this document in the navigation structure

Restart an Agentry application in Management Cockpit.


This is useful for restarting an application after making configuration changes, without restarting the server, which would disconnect users on all applications. In a cluster, the application is restarted on all server nodes in the cluster. (If you use the OSGi console to restart an application, the application is restarted only on the current server node).

For a server that is not currently started, when you restart it, the application is restarted and the changes take effect.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Agentry App Restart End of the navigation path.
  2. Under Agentry Application Restart, select one or more applications to restart.
  3. Click Save. The application is restarted on all server nodes in a cluster.
  4. Refresh the screen or switch tabs to view the current status of an application. When an application starts successfully on all servers nodes in a cluster, the application is no longer selected.
    If an application continues to be selected, check the server logs for information.