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Configuring Virus Scan Adapters for other Anti Virus ProvidersLocate this document in the navigation structure

Configure the VSA for other Anti Virus vendors.


The SAP NW-VSI Scan Service included in SAP Mobile Platform interacts with the system AV provider through the VSA Adapter. If you do not use McAfee or ClamAV for your AV provider, you may configure your VSA using the instructions listed below. SAP Note 1494278Information published on SAP site describes the known and certified suppliers/solutions and options for other AV providers.


  1. Obtain a VSA for your AV provider, and place in a location accessible to SAP Mobile Platform Server.
  2. Enable the VSA in <SMP_HOME>\Server\config_master\com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.vsi\
    1. Open <SMP_HOME>\Server\config_master\com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.vsi\
    2. Set the Active parameter to true:
      vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.Adapters.VSA_DEFAULT.Active = true
  3. Configure the VSA Path in <SMP_HOME>\Server\config_master\com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.vsi\
    1. Open <SMP_HOME>\Server\config_master\com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.vsi\
    2. Set the AdapterPath parameter:

      vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.Adapters.VSA_DEVAULT.AdapterPath = absolute file path of the location of your VSA .dll or .so (For Windows, use double backslashes in your path, e.g. c:\\mypath\\myvsa.dll).

  4. Restart SAP Mobile Platform Server for updates to to take effect.
    Note In a clustered environment, you must manually configure the VSA on each node using the steps listed above.