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Connection pools allow SAP Mobile Platform Server to reuse established connections to the database. Mobiliser uses its own connection pool. If you have enabled Mobiliser features, you can adjust the minimum and maximum number of connections for each connection pool partition.

Note In a clustered server environment, the maximum number of connections you set applies only to the node on which you change the setting. You must configure maximum connections on each node in the cluster.
Configuring the Mobiliser Database Connection Pools

Mobiliser connection pools support partitioning. Depending on the transaction being performed, SAP Mobile Platform Server requires multiple calls to the database to complete the transaction. A large number of connections are required for high volumes of concurrent transactions. The total number of database connections is the product of the number of partitions and the connections per partition. If there are no operating system or database restrictions, running a higher number of database connections than recommended does not negatively impact performance. The same is also true for the number of partitions.

The Mobiliser database connection properties are located in <SMP_HOME>\Server\config_master\com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.persistence.jdbc.bonecp.pool\
Note In a clustered server environment, you must update the file on each server node.
Setting Name Default Value Modified Value
maxConnectionsPerPartition 10 16 * CPU cores
minConnectionsPerPartition 1 16 * CPU cores
partitionCount 2 N/A (default is recommended)
Note Use caution when changing other properties in this file. Incorrect property values can make the server unusable.

Restart the server after making any changes to database connection properties.

Configuring Connections for the Database

If the database runs out of available connections, it causes SAP Mobile Platform Server stability problems. The database must be configured with adequate connections to support the maximum number of connections required by SAP Mobile Platform Server. In a clustered SAP Mobile Platform Server environment, the database must be configured to support the maximum number of connections from each node.

If you have enabled Mobiliser features for SAP Mobile Platform Server, calculate the total maximum number of connections required by adding together the maximum number of main connections and the maximum number of Mobiliser connections, then multiplying the result by the number of nodes in the cluster:
(<max main connections> + <max Mobiliser connections>) * <number of nodes>
It is recommended that you configure your database to support far more than the total maximum number of connections. You need additional connections for activities such as SAP Mobile Platform Server administration and for situations such as when database connections become stale due to losing network connectivity between SAP Mobile Platform Server and the database.

Please refer to the database documentation for the type of database that is used for SAP Mobile Platform Server.