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The Globals.ini file contains the group, name, and defined values of all global values defined within the application.

This is an example of the contents of the Globals.ini and GlobalsBase.ini files:

; AddressMax: This is the maximum length for an address value.
; AddressMin: This is the minimum length for the Address value.
; CityMax: This is the maximum length for the City value.
; CityMin: This is the minimum length for the City value.
; PhoneMax: This is the maximum length for the Phone value.
; PhoneMin: This is the minimum length for the Phone value.

The first line is the section name [STRINGLENGTHS], which corresponds to a defined global group within the application project. Each global group appears as a section within this file. All global values defined within a group are listed within the appropriate section.

The second line is a comment line. All comments are preceded by a semicolon, and are automatically generated by the Agentry Editor when the file is created. The comments are the description values of each global definition. You can add comments to the base file and override file as needed.

The third line, AddressMax=40, is the first global definition within the StringLengths group. The name of the global definition to which this setting pertains is AddressMax. Its defined value within the application project is 40, which means that any client Address field cannot exceed 40 characters.

Change these values to override the defined behavior for the application. More specifically, the value entered in the override file is the one for the global on the client, affecting any other definitions that reference the global value.