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Deploying Hybrid Apps Using the REST APILocate this document in the navigation structure

Deploy a new or updated hybrid app to SAP Mobile Platform Server using the deploy application REST API.

Once the application is deployed, it is considered to be a new version. You can make it the current version using the promotion REST API. After the application is promoted, users can download a patch to upgrade the application on their devices.

Note It is not possible to deploy a hybrid app for a specific platform: everything in the file is deployed. Once the application is deployed, you can promote or delete hybrid apps for specific platforms as needed.

Perform a POST request to the following URI:

  • file The file that contains the application archive, sent as multipart/form-data.
A response providing information about the new and current version of the application. For example:
   "description":"An update for the sample app.",
   "description":"A sample app.",

On successful deployment, the client receives a 201 status code; otherwise, an HTTP failure code and message.

Note This example uses the curl command line client and the --cacert flag. Your client may require you to pass other arguments or set specific configuration options.
  • Deploy application to all platforms
    curl --user <user>:<password> --cacert <your-server.pem> --form "file=@C:\work\" https://localhost:8083/Admin/kapsel/jaxrs/KapselApp/MyTestAppId