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Setting Up Host System Connectivity for Agentry ApplicationsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You must configure the host system to support the connections that are required by Agentry applications.

Within Agentry, "system connection" refers to the connectivity between the Agentry application and the back-end systems with which it synchronizes data. The specifics of the host system configuration in relation to the system connections depends on the types of system connections in use.

There are multiple system types with which Agentry applications can connect and synchronize data. Any application can contain multiple system connections of varying types.
  • SQL Database – connects the server to SQL databases, including Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, using native drivers; or to other databases using standard ODBC drivers. The Agentry application synchronizes data with a database system using ANSI SQL statements.

  • Java Virtual Machine – connects the server to a system via a Java API. The mobile application contains Java code that calls into this API for the purposes of synchronizing data.

  • HTTP-XML – connects the server to a Web server. The Agentry application issues HTTP requests to the Web server. Data returned based on these requests is expected to be in structured XML format. This return data is parsed and processed based on XPath statements within the mobile application.

  • OData – connects the server to an OData back-end service.

  • File System – connects the server to the host operating system. This type of connection allows the server to execute commands on the host system for the purposes of data synchronization and file transfer, and to validate users against the host system where necessary.

Before installing an Agentry application, configure the host system in relation to the system connection types as they pertain to the needs of the application. Additional configuration of the Agentry application itself will be needed after it has been installed. All system connection types support user authentication.

Note If any of these resources are already installed on the host system, you do not need to install them again. For example, the SAP Mobile Platform Server installation includes a Java Virtual Machine (<SMP_HOME>\sapjvm7). This is available for you to use if you do not want to install a separate JVM for your Agentry application.