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Configuring ClamAV SAP VSALocate this document in the navigation structure

ClamAV is a widely used virus scan engine for UNIX, which utilizes specialized packages to recognize viruses and other threats. You can use the ClamAV SAP virus scan adapter to the ClamAV engine on Linux or Windows systems.


  1. Download the appropriate libclamsap VSA for your system from published on non-SAP site and place into a file path accessible to SAP Mobile Platform Server, such as:

    Linux: <SMP_HOME>/Server/vsa

    Windows: <SMP_HOME>\Server\vsa

  2. Enable the VSA in ./config_master/com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.vsi/
    1. Open ./config_master/com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.vsi/
    2. Set the Active parameter to true:
      vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.Adapters.VSA_DEFAULT.Active = true
  3. Configure the VSA path in ./config_master/com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.vsi/
    Option Description
    Linux vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.Adapters.VSA_DEFAULT.Active = SMP_HOME/Server/vsa/
    Windows vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.Adapters.VSA_DEFAULT.Active = C:\\SMP_HOME\\Server\\vsa\\clamsap.dll
  4. Restart SAP Mobile Platform Server for updates to to take effect.
    Note In a clustered environment, you must manually configure the VSA on each node using the steps listed above.