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The GCMChannel uses the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service to push key-value pairs to an Android application. You can use the gcmchannel only via sendPush messaging method.

  • Preferences node: /businesslayer/com/sybase365/mobiliser/util/messaging/channelmanager/engine/impl/ChannelInstantiator/gcmchannel1
  • ConfigAdmin PID: com.sybase365.mobiliser.util.messaging.channelmanager.engine.impl.ChannelInstantiator.gcmchannel1
You can set these configuration options:
Key Default Description
channelId   Indicates the channel’s ID.
urlSupplement gcm Appends the supplement to the channel manager URL, making the HTTP channel accessible. It is a suffix on the URL for internal processing.
gcmUrl GCM Service 1 Defines the URL of the GCM service. When Mobiliser must use a proxy server, configure these environment variables:
  • http(s).proxyHost
  • http(s).proxyPort