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cron jobs are configured in the MOB_JOBS database table.

Field Required Description
ID_JOB Yes Indicates the unique integer to identify a job.
STR_HANDLER_NAME Yes Defines the handler name.
Note This handler name defines the cron job task that handles this job. It is different than the SAP Mobile Platform task handler name that is described in the events system.
STR_SCHEDULE Yes Defines job schedule in cron expression format. See cron Expression Reference.
ID_IMPLEMENTATION_TYPE Yes Defines the meaning of the URL_IMPLEMENTATION string. Valid values are:
  • using the full class name.
  • using the job bean name as the filter string.
The value 2 means using full class name and the value 3 means using job bean name as filter string.
URL_IMPLEMENTATION Yes Defines the service filter to apply to find the proper implementation of IMobiliserCronJob in the OSGi service registry. If ID_IMPLENTATION_TYPE=2, use the full class name with the package name where the job is implemented. If ID_IMPLEMENTATION_TYPE=3, use the job bean name.
BOL_IS_ACTIVE Yes Indicates whether job is active or not. Y if active; otherwise, N.
DAT_LAST_EXECUTION No Indicates the date the job was last executed. Set to NULL initially.
INT_MAX_DELAY No Sets the maximum about of time, in minutes, a job can still execute after the scheduled time (for example, in case of system restart).
INT_MAX_DURATION No Sets the maximum length of time, in minutes, the job can continue. After this length of time, the job is handled as failed.
STR_JOB No Defines the description of the job.
STR_PARAMETER No Indicates the parameters that the job handler requires for job processing.
DAT_CREATION No Indicates the date the job is created.
ID_CUSTOMER_CREATION No Indicates the customer ID of who created the job.
DAT_LAST_UPDATE No Indicates the date the job was last updated.
ID_CUSTOMER_LAST_UPDATE No Indicates the customer ID of who last updated the job