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SMS administrators configure SMS Builder components and ensure that the production system works efficiently as a result of that configuration.

Note If you install the SMS Builder SDK, the SMS administration features are also installed.

SMS Builder defines three types of administrators: system administrators, platform administrators, and workspace administrators.

Typically, system administrators:
  • Are IT professionals
  • Install software
  • Secure production systems
  • Start and stop the server
  • Configure server properties
  • Monitor and tune the system
A platform administrator:
  • Is created in the production database when you run the database scripts
  • Has the SUPER_ADMIN role; user name is admin
  • Is the first user to log in to the SMS Builder Web UI
  • Creates workspaces and default menus
  • Adds and configures users
  • Sets up communication channels
Workspace administrators:
  • Are created by the platform administrator: one for each workspace
  • Have the ADMIN role
  • In their workspaces, create users, manage default menus and categories, and generate reports