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Configuring AuthenticationLocate this document in the navigation structure

By default, when you log in to the Web UI, authentication is performed using the built-in database model (authentication.bean=AuthenticationManager). You can reconfigure authentication to use an LDAP system.


  1. Open the <SMSBUILDER_HOME>/conf/cfgbackup/ file.
  2. Set the value of authentication.bean to either:
    • AuthenticationManager – database authentication, database-role authorization, or
    • LdapAuthenticationManager – LDAP authentication, database-role authorization.
  3. If you set the value of authentication.bean to LdapAuthenticationManager:
    1. Add these lines to the file:
    2. Reconfigure the ldap.* properties to connect to the LDAP system provided by your enterprise IT administrator.   
  4. Stop and restart the server.