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Uploading Subscriber SetsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can upload subscriber sets from both comma-separated value (CSV) files and compressed CSV files. CSV files contain comma-separated attribute names on the first row, and comma-separated values in remaining rows. Each set has a unique ID and a name.


Uploading compressed files is the preferred method, especially for files containing a large number of subscribers. Compression can significantly reduce the upload streaming time. Compressed CSV files have a .zip extension.

All uploaded files are checked to verify that they conform to specific formats; otherwise, they are not processed; no virus-scanning capability exists.

Tip Scan for viruses before uploading files.


  1. In the Web UI Navigation bar, select Subscribers.
  2. Select Upload Subscriber.
  3. Enter the set name.
  4. Click Browse, select the file, and click Open.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Wait until streaming is complete and a success message appears beneath the Upload button, then click Subscribers.


Uploading a file is a two-step process: streaming the file to the server, then processing and uploading the file contents to the database. Depending on the file size and system utilizations, the latter may take several minutes. However, once the file is stored on the server, the subscriber set is created, enabling users to track the uploading process from the Subscribers screen. The process states change in this order: Not Started, Load In Progress, and Load Success. During the Load In Progress state, you can see the number of subscribers increase.