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Installing Oracle JDBC DriversLocate this document in the navigation structure

To use an Oracle database, install an Oracle JDBC driver.


  1. Download the Oracle JDBC driver from the Oracle Web site at published on non-SAP site.
  2. Unzip the downloaded package and find ojdbc6.jar.
  3. Copy ojdbc6.jar to the thirdparty/oracle directory.
    There should be a manifest file in the directory called oraclemanifest.
  4. Update the manifest in ojdbc6.jar with oraclemanifest:
    1. Change to the thirdparty/oracle directory.
    2. Run:
      jar -umvf oraclemanifest ojdbc6.jar
  5. Copy the modified ojdbc6.jar to the bundle/application directory, and rename it oracle-jdbc-osgi_11.
    cp ojdbc6.jar ${BRAND_HOME}/bundle/application/oracle-jdbc-osgi_11. 

    where BRAND_HOME is set to the SMS Builder installation directory.

  6. Configure the location of the Oracle JDBC driver:
    1. Open the conf/ file.
    2. Under the #JDBC drivers section, add this line:

Next Steps

Enable the Oracle JDBC driver.