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Depending on the hardware configuration and the host server, you may be able to tune the processing engine to increase throughput if necessary.

The default performance configuration, which is defined in the file, works for typical scenarios.

Note Always run performance tests on a new configuration before deploying it to the production system. Changes to the file do not take effect until you restart the server.
Performance testing has been conducted using this system configuration:
  • Hardware – HP DL 360 G6; 1U standalone; 2x Intel X5450; 8x 2GB (16GB).
  • Server configurations – one dedicated server for the database and another for SMS Builder.
Software Configuration for Interactive Application Performance Test
Processing Engine Datasource





maxIdle=50 (50 maximum performance)

maxActive=25 (50 maximum performance)

Results for Interactive Application Performance Test
Load Result
10,000 messages 110 messages/second
Software Configuration for Event Application Performance Test
Processing Engine



Results for Event Application Performance Test
Messages Rate
Up to 88 88 messages/second
Up to 3,520 93 messages/second
Up to 52,695 92 messages/second
Up to 174,668 94 messages/second
Up to 3,576,594 82 messages/second
Up to 4,999,899 97 messages/second