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Generating Traffic ReportsLocate this document in the navigation structure

The Traffic Reports screen provides simple search and filter tools to extract reports of incoming and outgoing messages, as well as acknowledgements from SMS providers.


The Traffic Reports screen is a tool for filtering messages, and displays a preview of up to 2000 results. You can export traffic reports to comma-separated value (CSV) files, in which case all rows are exported. CSV files can be read or imported by analysis and reporting tools.


  1. In the Web UI navigation bar, select Reports.
  2. On the Standard Reports screen, select Traffic Report.
  3. Select the sender in the list, or select Advanced to narrow results:
    • Start and End Dates – narrows results to the dates messages were sent.
    • Application Name – filters messages based on the interactive or event application name.
    • Message Direction – filters incoming and outgoing messages, based on their direction, in, out, or in-and-out.
    • Receiver – returns messages with a specific customer MSISDN. This is helpful for customers who use interactive applications.
  4. Click Search.
    You see a maximum of 2000 rows.
  5. Select Export CSV.
    This link appears only when there are results to show.
  6. Select Save File, and click OK.