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Viewing Server Log FilesLocate this document in the navigation structure

View lists of rolling server logs by type, including SAP Mobile Platform Server, and Agentry, from a single screen. Select a log file to drill down and view the raw data in the log file. The type of information captured in the logs files is determined by the log level set for the individual logging components on the Settings tab.


Note You can also view server log entries using the Logs & Traces view. The Logs & Traces view enables you to filter log and trace information by logging component and other criteria, and download log and trace files.
Note In a clustered server environment, the server log only shows information for the node to which Management Cockpit is connected, and not synchronized across the nodes in the cluster. Connect Management Cockpit to another node to view its server log.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Start of the navigation path Logs Next navigation step Log Files End of the navigation path.
  2. Under SAP Mobile Platform Log, view the list of rolling logs for <hostname>-smp-server.log.
    Select a log file, using the Date Time stamp as a guide, to view log file contents. For example, select <hostname>-smp-server1.log to view its contents.
  3. Expand Agentry Log to view the list of Agentry server logs. For example, select events.log to view its contents.