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The Management Cockpit home screen allows the administrator to view and monitor the statistics of all configured applications. It displays the number of applications, users, and registrations. It provides quick links to relevant administration tasks.

Icon Name Description

Applications icon
Applications Displays the number of configured applications. Click to navigate to the Applications view.

Users icon
Users Displays the number of users using the configured applications. Click to navigate to the Users view.

connections icon
Registrations Displays the number of registrations. Click to navigate to the Registrations view.

Help button
Help View online documentation in the SAP Help Portal.

Logout Log out of the application.
Quick links - These icons link to relevant configuration tasks and monitor logs:

Configure Application icon
Configure application Configure an application. See Defining Applications.

Config security profile
Configure security profile Configure a security profile. See Managing Security Profiles.

Configure backend connection icon
Configure back-end connection Configure back-end connection. See Managing Connections.

View logs icon
View logs View logs. See Viewing Logs and Traces.

Graphical Representation:

  • Users/Application: provides a graphical representation of the number of users per application.
  • Registration by Device Type: displays a pie-chart distribution of registrations by device type.