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Adding Reverse Proxies or Relay ServersLocate this document in the navigation structure

Once the installation of SAP Mobile Platform is complete, you can install and configure a reverse proxy such as SAP Web Dispatcher, or you can set up and configure a Relay Server installation to work with it.


Review the relevant planning topics in Landscape Planning and Design > Landscape Component Requirements before proceeding:
  • Common Requirements for Reverse Proxies
  • Common Requirements for Load Balancers
The reverse proxy and load balancer options that SAP Mobile Platform supports depend on the application type. For a complete list of options that have been tested by SAP, see the SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM) published on SAP site. Search for SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (search box in the upper-right corner), and select either SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 or SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0.
Note Access to the PAM requires an SAP Service Marketplace login: published on SAP site