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Using SAP Web Dispatcher with SAP Mobile PlatformLocate this document in the navigation structure

SAP Web Dispatcher sits between the Internet and your SAP Mobile Platform system, intercepts client requests, and forwards each request to SAP Mobile Platform Server.

SAP Web Dispatcher features include:
  • Multiple application-server support – persistence with stateful applications, load balancing, Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), and Java servers.
  • Multiple system support – for multiple SAP Mobile Platform systems, maps requests to specific systems, or performs load balancing across system boundaries.
  • SSL – depending on your SSL configuration, forwards, terminates, or encrypts requests.
  • URL filtering – denies predefined URLs access to your system.
  • URL rewriting – manipulates inbound HTTPS requests, based on defined rules.
  • Web caching – acts as a Web cache to improve response times and conserve application-server caches.

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