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Various logging options for the offline OData service enable you to capture information such as network status, the status of refresh requests and the state of the offline OData service. However, to capture this information, you must set the logging levels appropriately for the offline component in SAP Mobile Platform.

All messages produced by the offline OData service can be divided into:
  • error Only errors are reported.
  • warning Warnings and errors are reported.
  • information Errors, warnings, and informational messages are reported. The informational messages reported depend on the settings specified on the Server Configuration: Offline screen.
  • debug Errors, warnings, informational messages, and additional messages that might be helpful for debugging are reported. This is the lowest level of logging.
Error and warning messages are always generated by the offline OData service and sent to the SAP Mobile Platform logging service. However, the SAP Mobile Platform logging service may not log all the information sent from the offline OData service, depending on the SAP Mobile Platform logging settings.

Informational messages include things like network level logging, periodic performance values, and offline OData service verbosity levels. These types of logging are specified as part of the Server Configuration: Offline settings. Regardless of the logging values specified in the offline configuration settings, informational messages are generated and sent to the SAP Mobile Platform logging service only if the logging setting for the offline component in SAP Mobile Platform is set to Info or Debug. Setting the offline component logging level to either Warn or Error results in no informational messages being logged.

You can access the offline logging verbosity settings from either Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Offline End of the navigation path or from Start of the navigation path Logs Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path in the SAP Mobile Platform Administration tool.

Note Setting the offline log level to Path does not produce any more information than that generated with the Debug setting.