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When you enable OData Services using API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform, you are registering the service with SAP Mobile Platform via Integration Gateway. API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform is an eclipse based tool to bind OData models created using OData Modeler to different data sources. Once the OData services are enabled, you can manage those services using the OData Services tab in the Management Cockpit. See Enabling Models as OData Services for information about enabling content as OData services.

Typically, after registering your OData service, the next steps are to:
  1. Create a destination for the datasource you will point the service to
  2. Assign the destination to your service
  3. Activate your service
In addition to the tasks above, additional administrative tasks that you can complete using OData Services tab are:
  • Manage destinations
  • Test destination connections
  • Deploy custom services (after the content is generated using API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform)
  • Activate/Deactivate services
  • Register SAP services as OData services
  • Troubleshoot services

This section walks you through all the activities that can be performed in the OData Services tab.

Note Most administrative tasks for Integration Gateway are completed using the OData Services tab. However, there are some administrative tasks that must be completed using Applications tab. Specifically: