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SAP Mobile Platform Server as an OData ProxyLocate this document in the navigation structure

SAP Mobile Platform Server provides the OData Proxy service through HTTP/HTTPS, which proxies back-end servers to the client.

HTTP compression is used to reduce network traffic and increase server response times. The client indicates if compression is supported and which compression technique is supported. SAP Mobile Platform Server only returns the gzip compressed responses, but also supports the zlib compressed response from the back end. Any zlib compressed back-end response is decompressed by the SAP Mobile Platform Server. Any OData Proxy response is gzip compressed if it is supported by the client.

SAP Mobile Platform Server OData Proxy supports several URL rewriting techniques:
  • URL Rewrite in SMP

  • URL Rewrite in Backend

  • No URL Rewrite

SAP Mobile Platform Server OData Proxy service also supports the use of one or more SSO mechanisms.