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Configuring Server Properties in Management CockpitLocate this document in the navigation structure

Configure properties for server communications and performance.


All server properties that require a server restart in order for the change to take effect have an "i" to the left of the property name. In a clustered server environment, you must restart each server node.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Settings.
  2. Select a server properties group:
    • System to configure server host names and ports, push notifications and back-end connections.
    • Connectors to change HTTP/HTTPS port numbers and other port properties.
    • Database to improve performance by reducing the number of times the database needs to read an object.
    • Offline to improve performance of data transfer between the back end and the client offline store.
    • JVM to control the amount of memory allocated to SAP Mobile Platform for the Java Virtual Machine.
    • System Landscape Directory to view SLD server configuration settings, ping the SLD server, and view, upload, and export payload information.
    Note Additional tasks can be performed using Settings groups, including creating security profiles, creating back-end connections, enabling optional and custom features, and restarting Agentry applications.
  3. Update the server properties as required and click Save.
  4. Restart the server if required for the change to take effect.