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Transferring Applications Between System LandscapesLocate this document in the navigation structure

The enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+) enables you to distribute artifacts, and automate deployment to different target systems that are connected through transport routes. The SAP Mobile Platform CTS+ system uses SAP Gateway.

Administrators can use CTS+ to transfer SAP Mobile Platform applications to different system landscapes, for example, from a development landscape to a testing landscape. To enable transferring applications, configure the CTS+ components on both SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Gateway.

SAP Mobile Platform Tasks

SAP Gateway Tasks

Configuring CTS+ properties for the target server Creating a CTS+ account
Exporting applications to transport requests Defining the Web service to transfer applications
  Defining application types to transfer
  Defining source and target SAP Mobile Platform systems
  Defining transport routes
  Importing applications into the target server

SAP Mobile Platform Server calls the CTS+ Export Web service to create a CTS+ transport request, and attaches an application file to the request. The CTS+ server calls the SAP Mobile Platform Server Service Location Protocol (SLP) Web service to upload the application file and import the application into the target server.

Configure your CTS+ system by performing these tasks: