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Upon SAP Mobile Platform Server installation, the NW-VSI and virus scanning capabilities are disabled and there is no VSA configured

Adapter Configuration
On server startup, a warning message is written to the server log in <SMP_HOME>\Server\log\<hostname>-smp-server.log to indicate that no VSI is active, and you must configure a VSA to implement virus scanning:

2014 03 06 12:17:57#+00#WARN#com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.vscan.scanner.impl.VScanImpl##anonymous#aims-init-1###No customized vsi configuration is provided. The AdapterPath configuration is empty. Initialization is skipped and no virus scan will be performed

Note The above is the only warning that will be written to the server log. If a virus scan is requested by a service in SAP Mobile Platform Server, no further messages are output to indicate the VSI is disabled and no virus scan was performed.
You must first configure the VSA to enable virus scanning in SAP Mobile Platform. The VSA is configured using the file located in <SMP_HOME>\Server\config_master\com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.vsi\
The Active and AdapterPath parameters are used to configure and enable the VSA.
Note The SAP Mobile Platform Server virus scanning configuration relies on the VSA_DEFAULT provider under the DEFAULT group and DEFAULT profile. For this reason, you should only modify the properties listed in the table below. Modifying any other property settings may cause your virus scanning functionality to fail.
Property Default Value Description
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.Adapters.VSA_DEFAULT.Active false specifies if the Virus Scan Adapter is active
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.Adapters.VSA_DEFAULT.AdapterPath   complete path to the storage location of the adapter as specified in the partner product documentation or as specified during VSA configuration.
When your VSA is enabled, you may configure individual settings for the VSA. Configurable parameters are listed below:
Property Default Value Description
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.Adapters.VSA_DEFAULT.PoolInstanceTimeOut 3600 specifies the amount of time, in seconds, that a scan instance remains in the instance pool before it will timeout.
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.Adapters.VSA_DEFAULT.PoolMaxInstances 50 specifies the maximum number of scan instances provided by the Virus Scan Server . If this number is exceeded, the virus scanner is no longer available for scan requests
vsi.provider.Virus_Scan_Adapter.Adapters.VSA_DEFAULT.ReInitTime 0 reinitialization interval, in hours for the VSA. If you receive new virus definitions at regular intervals, you must specify this parameter. If you enter 0, the VSA will not automatically reinitialize.
Note After you update the file, you must restart SAP Mobile Platform Server for updates to take effect.