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Debug Log Does Not Refresh in Agentry Test EnvironmentLocate this document in the navigation structure


The Debug.log running in the Agentry Test Environment does not always refresh automatically. This is a known issue for the default text editor provided with some versions of Eclipse. If you configured another text editor to use with Eclipse, you may not experience this problem.


One solution is to configure your own custom text editor via Eclipse preferences. Select a text editor that has built in file monitoring.

If you choose to use the default text editor, you can refresh the Debug.log manually. On Windows this is typically done using F5 (or right-clicking Refresh on the file itself), however the default text editor in Eclipse Juno has a buggy F5/Refresh operation. To refresh the file:
  1. Close the Debug.log file, and re-open it.
  2. Make a change to the file, undo the change (Ctrl-Z) and then press F5.