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Getting Started with SupportabilityLocate this document in the navigation structure

Set up your iOS environment and get familiar with logging and tracing components.

Getting Started
  • Environment Set Up
    After the libraries and resources are extracted from the SAP Mobile Platform SDK installer, make sure your application/project references these libraries:
    • libSupportability.a
    • libE2ETrace2.a
    • libClientLog.a
    • libHTTPConversation.a
    • libHTTPConvAuthFlows.a
    • libMobilePlace.a
    • libPerformanceLib.a
    • (iOS) Foundation.framework - (iOS) UIKit.framework
    • (iOS) CoreGraphics.framework
    • (iOS) libsqlite3.dylib (the default logger stores its data in an sqlite database)
    • (iOS) Security.framework
    Tip The SAP Mobile Platform SDK installer includes a master CocoaPod spec file, which can be used to automatically set up the project dependencies.
  • Requirements
    • Minimum iOS SDK version: 8.3
    • Minimum iOS deployment target version: iOS 7.1
    • Minimum XCode version: 6.2+
  • Supportability Component: provides an additional level of abstraction; prevents developers from interacting directly with the underlying sub-components.
  • ClientLog Component: includes a set of logging related management and the consumer interfaces and classes.
  • E2ETrace2 Component: includes a set of E2E tracing related management and the consumer interfaces and classes.
  • Performance Component: intended for both framework and application performance measurements.
Exposed protocols include:
  • SAPClientLogger: defines the interface for client loggers. The ClientLog library provides a default implementation with the same name.
  • SAPE2ETrace: defines the interface for E2E tracing. The E2ETraceManager library provides a default implementation with the same name.
Public interfaces include:
  • SAPSupportabilityFacade: the Supportability component is an abstraction on top of the underlying E2ETrace and ClientLogger components. Clients retrieve the required management and consumer instances using the APIs and factory methods that are exposed by this wrapper.
  • SAPClientLogManager: the central access point to loggers; provides setters to common properties used by various loggers.
  • SAPE2ETraceManager: provides access to E2E tracing related features.