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Configuring the Native OData Application in the Administration CockpitLocate this document in the navigation structure

Configure the application in the SAP Mobile Platform Server Management Cockpit or HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services Cockpit.

For detailed information see SAP Mobile Platform on or SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Platform.


SAP Mobile Platform Server

HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services Documentation


Define the application

Defining Applications

Defining Applications

Select Native as the application type

Define back end connections

Defining Back-End Connections

Defining Back-End Connections

Manage OData Services

Managing OData Services

Configure offline applications

Server Configuration: Offline

Configuring Offline Settings for Applications

Define application authentication

Defining Application Authentication

Security Configuration in Defining Applications

Manage application logs and end-to-end tracing

Managing Application Logs and Traces

Managing Application Logs and Traces

Configure Push Notifications

Configuring Push Notifications Settings

Defining Push Notifications