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Selecting Debug Log OptionsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Select the actions and rules to debug, and the level of logging detail to capture. These settings persist until you change them.


  1. With your project open, select Start of the navigation path Debug Next navigation step Select Logging End of the navigation path.
    By default, you see all actions and rules for the application.
  2. (Optional) Use filtering options to reduce the number of actions and rules that appear. This is useful when you are working with large applications that have many definitions.
    • Click Action in the toolbar to show only actions. Click again to remove the filter.
    • Click Rules in the toolbar to show only rules. Click again to remove the filter.
    Note If an item type (actions or rules) is filtered from the list, any corresponding items that were previously selected remain selected when the toolbar icon is toggled back to the selected state, and those items are brought back into the list.
  3. (Optional) Sort the actions and rules listed by column name.
    • Click Name to sort by action and rule names.
    • Click Type to sort by actions and rules.
    • Click Module to sort by the module name, such as Northwind.
  4. Select individual actions or rules to debug, or select in bulk.
    • Select an individual action or rule by selecting the check box next to its name.
    • Click All to check all actions and rules.
    • Click Selected to select only those actions and rules that are currently selected in the list.
    • Click Actions to select all actions.
    • Click Rules to select all rules.
  5. Select the debug logging level from Level (these are Agentry SycloLogging values):
    • Critical Importance
    • High Importance
    • Medium Importance
    • Low Importance
  6. Click OK.
    All selected items are enabled for debugging.
  7. Run the test client, and use Agentry test environment tools to test it. Open the log files to analyze the operation of the selected actions and rules.