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The Extensibility Framework is independent of the underlying data model. Data is represented by generic business objects; the generic business object (BO) is an abstraction introduced on top of the currently supported OData data model.

The generic business object has a type and a unique identifier, and exposes APIs for assigning key-value pairs; additionally, you can query a business object’s state, which can be one of:
  • Transient exists only on the client, has never been persisted.
  • Persistent exists in the database, but has not been modified on the client.
  • Dirty has been modified on the client, but the changes have not yet been committed to the database.

Generic business objects also provide undo management capabilities.

The MAFSDMDataSourceAdapter defines the OData-specific MAFSDMBO class, which inherits from the MAFGenericBO. If you implement a custom datasource adapter, you must also implement a custom MAFGenericBO specialization, and convert the data model to the generic object format.