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Creating an OData Connection Profile for the Agentry Connector StudioLocate this document in the navigation structure

Create a connection profile to an OData back-end data source. You can use the same profile for multiple connections, or as a template for creating other connection profiles.


Configure access to the HTTP server. This enables the Agentry application to synchronize data with an OData back-end service, via an HTTP server that returns XML.


You can access the connection you create in this task via the Data Source Explorer view in Eclipse. This view is not a part of the Agentry Editor Eclipse plug-in, but is provided with Eclipse. Detailed instruction and information on its functionality and behavior is not provided by SAP; however you can obtain such information from the Web site. Once this connection is created, it will be listed in the Data Source Explorer view. From here you will be able to perform all functionality supported by the Data Source Tools, plus use the Connector Studio functionality provided with the Agentry Editor.


  1. Select Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Show View Next navigation step Other End of the navigation path. In the tree control, expand the Connectivity node, and select Data Source Explorer.
  2. Right-click OData Connections, and click New.
  3. In New OData Connection Profile, enter a name and description for the OData connection profile, for example enter OData Connection and Connection to OData datasource.
  4. In OData Connection Details, enter:
    Entry Description
    Service Root URI The URL for the OData connection, in the format http://<domain>:<port>/<datasource>. for example
    (Optional) Query Options Any additional query options. You can leave this field blank.
    User Name The user name for accessing the data source.
    Password The password for accessing the data source.
  5. (Optional) Click Test Connection to test. A "Ping succeeded" message indicates that the connection can be made.
  6. (Optional ) Click Next to see a summary of your entries.
  7. Click Finish. In Data Source Explorer, the new service connection appears under OData Connections.
  8. Click the new service connection to create the service and see service details.