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The MAF Calendar component is a skinnable component that provides basic calendar functionalities. You can present predefined appointments in different views, such as month and day detailed views. You can also use this component to provide to device users the ability to select dates and times.  Users can also create, delete, or modify appointments through the MAF Calendar user interfaces.

The MAF Calendar provides:
  • A structure for defining and creating appointment objects, as well as ways to feed the MAF Calendar with a list of appointments data to show and work with.
  • A variety of ways (month/day/hour details, grid/list views) in which to present scheduled appointments by time. The common goal of each view is to enable users to visualize appointments created by the application or by any other third-party service.
  • Color-coding that identifies appointments from different calendars, allowing you to easily create team calendar applications, or combine multiple calendars for an individual (for example, personal, home, and work) into a single view.
  • User interaction handling: you can display detailed information about selected days or appointments. The different views provide different types of callbacks to handle user events such as tap or selection.
  • Dynamic, runtime customization of UI elements and subviews.