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Agentry Views Outside of the Agentry PerspectiveLocate this document in the navigation structure

The Agentry Editor includes views displayed in the Agentry Perspective as well as views displayed when certain operations are performed or displayed on demand by the developer.

The views within Eclipse that may be displayed by the Agentry Editor plug-in, but are not a part of the default Agentry Perspective, are explained briefly. The information provided here is introductory in nature, providing an overview of the behavior of these views. Details on each are provided in the content discussing the operations to which the views pertain.

Comparison Editor

The Comparison Editor is displayed during import, export, and share repository operations. This view displays the current Agentry application project and a second source project side by side. Definitions within each are compared and those with differences between the two projects, or those that exist in one project but not the other, are highlighted.

For import operations the Comparison Editor is used to select the definitions in the import source to be imported into the current Agentry project. For export operations this view is displayed when the export differences tasks is performed, displaying the differences between the application project and the comparison source, indicating what definitions are to be imported based on differences between the two. For share repository operations, the comparison view is displayed during updates from the repository to the current application project, indicating the differences between the two and the definitions affected by the update.

History View

The History View is displayed when the developer selects the Team | Show History menu item in the menu for the Agentry application project. This view is solely used for the team configuration functionality when the current application project is connected to a share repository. This view displays a list of all revisions within the repository. The revision from which the current application project was last updated is highlighted in this list.