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Agentry Client Installer and Executable BrandingLocate this document in the navigation structure

Rebrand the Agentry archetype client components, including both the installers for these components and the client executables.

The Agentry Clients provided with SAP Mobile Platform are branded based on SAP standards. You can rebrand the client components of the Agentry archetype, including both the installers for these components as well as the actual client executables.

Windows PC and Windows Mobile Clients

To rebrand Windows and Windows Mobile Agentry Clients and their installers, use the branding SDK provided with the SAP Mobile Platform development tools. Instructions are provided in this guide on the setup and usage of this SDK to rebrand these clients.

Android Clients and iOS Clients

To rebrand the Agentry Clients for iOS and Android, see the information provided on the OpenUI SDK. Included in this SDK are the resources needed to also rebrand the clients for these platforms.