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The <value> element specifies the value to be set for the named registry key. The <value> element must be contained by a <key> element. The <value> element names the registry key that is to be modified within the one named by the containing <key> element. The <value> element can specify that the named key’s value is to be added, modified, or deleted. When adding or modifying the value of a key, the <value> element also specifies the data type of the registry key value.

  • Text - contains the value to be set for the key. Ignored when the reset attribute is set to true.
Contained By:
  • <key>
Table 1: Attributes
Name Description Data Type Default Value Required
name The name of the registry key to be affected by the <value> element. String None Yes
type Specifies the data type of the value expected for the registry key. Must be one of:
  • binary
  • dword
  • string
String None Yes - ignored if reset is true.
reset Specifies whether or not the specified key should be deleted. The value t is true and will delete the value of named registry key. The value f is false. String f No
common script attributes A set of related attributes common to most elements within the Agentry Test Script. N/A N/A N/A