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The <dsn-remove-sql> element is used to remove an ODBC System Data Source Name for a SQL Server database. The name of the DSN to be removed is specified in the dsn attribute to the element. Note that this element will permanently remove the DSN and will not be possible to recover it once this element has been processed.

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Contained By:
  • <script>
Table 1: Attributes
Name Description Data Type Default Value Required
dsn The name of the ODBC System Data Source Name to be removed. The DSN named here must be for a SQL Server connection. string None Yes
ignoreErrors This attribute specifies whether or not any errors returned with the attempt to delete the DSN should be ignored. This is a Boolean value with true indicating errors should be ignored. If this attribute is false or not specified, errors will not be ignored and, if any are returned, a script error will be thrown. Boolean False No
common script attributes This element includes the following common script attributes:
  • timeout
  • sleep