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The <field-popup> element will open the numeric popup screen that allows for the entry of numeric values into a detail screen field. This element is valid for fields with an edit type of Decimal Number, Integral Number, or Duration. This element can contain the <edit-select> and <button-push> elements to select values in the popup screen and to push the buttons on the popup to enter values, respectively. If this element is used for field with an edit type other than those it supports a script error will be thrown.

  • <edit-select>
  • <button-push>
Contained By:
  • <script>
Table 1: Attributes
Name Description Data Type Default Value Required
part This attribute specifies the portion of a duration field for which the popup screen will be displayed. This attribute is ignored for other field edit types. Valid values for this attribute include:
  • hours
  • minutes
  • seconds
string none Required for Duration fields. Otherwise ignored.
common field attributes This element includes the following common field attributes:
  • name
  • label
  • id
common script attributes A set of related attributes common to most elements within the Agentry Test Script. N/A N/A N/A