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The <script-log> element will write a log statement to the log file AgentryScriptOutput.log. The contents of this element are the message written to the log file. The log message level must also be specified in the level attribute to the element, which indicates the severity of the log message.

  • Text - The log message to be written to the AgentryScriptOutput.log log file.
Contained By:
  • <script>
Table 1: Attributes
Name Description Data Type Default Value Required
level This attribute can contain either a numeric or string value indicating the severity of the log message. The following list includes both the numeric and string values, only one or the other of which should be used for this attribute:
  • 1 - critical
  • 2 - high
  • 3 - mediumHigh
  • 4 - medium
  • 5 - mediumLow
  • 6 - low
  • 7 - veryLow
String N/A Yes
common script attributes This element includes the following common script attributes:
  • timeout
  • sleep