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The <<local...>> function allows you to create data tags within the script. The data tags created are always string values. Their scope is limited to the step within which they are created, and the other steps within the same parent definition that follow it. So, if an object contains 4 read steps, and the second contains a <<local...>> function call, the data tag or tags created will be available in the second step as well as the third and fourth. It will not be available in the first.

If the value for a tagName argument is a hard coded value, or contains a mixture of text and SDML, the value must be enclosed in quotes.

To reference a local data tag, the syntax is <<local.tagName>>, where tagName is the name given in the function call. Local data tags support the named parameter length=, which will truncate the string to the given value. String values are not dequoted; time and date values are not wrapped in any type of conversion function.

    <<local tagName1=value [tagName2=value...tagNameN=value]>>
  • tagName1 This required argument is the name that will be given to the data tag created. Its corresponding value will be the value the tag contains.
  • tagName2-N These optional arguments are the same as tagName1 and allow for the creation of multiple data tags with the same function call.
  • length This optional named parameter takes a non-negative whole number and specifies the maximum number of characters to assign to the local data tag created by the function.